How This Ad Man Cracked The Marketing Code, Scaling Crumbling E-Commerce Businesses To Record-Breaking Sales

How This Ad Man Cracked The Marketing Code, Scaling Crumbling E-Commerce Businesses To Record-Breaking Sales

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - 08/31/2021 —

At just 23 years old, Alonso Ontiveros is already leading one of the most successful and effective digital marketing agencies for businesses of all sizes.


Before founding Market Funnel Boss, Alonso Ontiveros worked on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic as a nurse’s assistant, offering his expertise at a local nursing home for over two and a half years. After the pandemic began to take hold across the United States (and the world), Alonso shifted to the ICU for six months, where he worked tirelessly to help save lives on a daily basis. 

It goes without saying that Alonso Ontiveros is a hard worker. He often attributes his work ethic to his parents, both of whom are Mexican immigrants. Even before immigrating to the United States, Alonso’s parents came from traditional families in which work ethic wasn’t just an aspiration — it was a way of life. Consequently, they instilled in Alonso the same degree of professionalism and dedication to his work.


Alonso Ontiveros — From Nurse’s Assistant to Record-Breaking Entrepreneur


Though Alonso loved his work and was accepted into a competitive nursing program at the College of DuPage, he listened to the voice in his head that led him down a different path. Thus, Market Funnel Boss was born. However, it wasn’t just a random career pivot; Alonso Ontiveros knew that he had the right skills and marketing acumen to create a successful business — and that’s exactly what he did.

With years spent working in the medical field, Alonso developed a knack for reading people through body language, vocal tonality, and word usage. As a leader in digital marketing, this has allowed him to quickly identify the pain points of many different business owners. In doing so, Alonso can devise a personalized strategy that is tuned in to the needs of each and every client. Moreover, Alonso has the ability to build trusting relationships with his clients, allowing him to dig down to the root of their issues and develop the best possible solutions.

However, Alonso’s digital marketing agency doesn’t just rest on his interpersonal skills alone. In fact, he has been mentored and guided by some of the best people in the business, particularly those in the health and fitness sector.  From Brad Pilon & John Barban, founders of the Adonis Golden Ratio, to Jason Capital, a marketing guru and regular Forbes contributor, Alonso has gleaned knowledge and insight from top talent. Alonso’s associations have also helped him overcome his own issues, particularly with his body image and relationship with physical health. Consequently, Alonso Ontiveros has used the same methodology to improve business health for dozens of entrepreneurs as he has to improve his own well-being; this is the underlying principle on which Market Funnel Boss was founded.


Market Funnel Boss


In essence, Market Funnel Boss is an advertising agency responsible for record-breaking sales in the E-Commerce industry. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. More than anything else, Alonso Ontiveros has always worked to make Market Funnel Boss a value-driven business, promoting an environment built on consistent growth, charity, integrity, accountability, and courageousness. This has allowed Alonso and his team to build lasting relationships and deliver astounding results for dozens of businesses.

Alonso and his team of more than 20 specialists consistently produce bulletproof copy, attracting a steady flow of leads — many of which are owners of crumbling E-Commerce businesses. Thanks to stellar marketing strategies, high-end copywriters, and next-level graphic logo designers, Market Funnel Boss is equipped to manage a wide range of businesses — from small E-Commerce stores all the way up to multinational corporate organizations.


What Sets Market Funnel Boss Apart?


Thanks in large part to Alonso’s unique skills and vision, Market Funnel Boss has effectively cracked the marketing code, turning crumbling businesses and E-Commerce stores into thriving enterprises. The key to Alonso’s success also comes from his strategic approach to social media. Known as the “MFB Growth Framework,” Alonso and his team have devised a streamlined process for diagnosing and analyzing the shortcomings of each business that comes to them for help.

A very special service reserved for business owners seeking to disrupt the marketplace is Market Funnel Media, a direct access line to exclusive publications like Forbes, Vogue, and GQ Magazine. For those with a lower marketing budget, smaller, yet highly effective publications are available to grant business owners an unfair advantage over their competitors.

However, it’s important to note that Alonso Ontiveros doesn’t work with just anyone. Market Funnel Boss specializes in the health and fitness industry, as well as E-commerce stores. Their team puts particular emphasis on PR media, Instagram marketing, consulting, and

lead generation — just to name a few. That said, Alonso personally audits every prospective client before agreeing to begin a partnership. This way, he ensures that he can help businesses that have the capacity to grow and drive sales.

Alonso is currently accepting just a few clients at a time. However, he encourages interested business owners to apply on his website (for free) with absolutely no strings attached! For more information, go to his website, Market Funnel Boss, contact Alonso directly by email at, or reach out on Instagram!

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