Eloxon Announces Its New AI Algorithm For Programmatic Advertising

Eloxon Announces Its New AI Algorithm For Programmatic Advertising

Estonia, Tallinn - 03/15/2021 — (15th March 2021) – IT Services company Eloxon that is operating in the programmatic advertising field since 2016, has announced a new addition to their skillset - a new AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm for programmatic advertising. With AI and advanced algorithms playing a key role in digital marketing and content development, programmatic advertising is quickly becoming a favored method for organizations and businesses across the world. 

This comes at an important time as it is expected that 88% of the US digital market is predicted to be achieved with programmatic advertising in 2021. Eloxon recognizes the advantages this form of advertising offers to clients, big and small, and understands why programmatic advertising has become the preferred strategy globally. 

“We work with our brands to establish programmatic advertising that is as individual as the business being advertised,” said Denis (CEO and Co-Founder) at Eloxon. “For programmatic advertising to be a success, you need to know the marketplace and have goals in mind.”

With traditional methods of advertising, marketers have to make manual requests for price quotations. There are negotiations, purchase authorizations and order changes. Buyers relinquish control to publishers who then take over the campaign and launch it. By its very nature, programmatic advertising is a way of buying ad space automatically across different digital platforms through specialist software. Essentially, it sidesteps the hit-and-miss nature and time-consuming process of traditional advertising processes. With programmatic advertising, markers buy impressions through RTB – real-time bidding – to display adverts on a variety of websites by purchasing individual views. Ultimately, they decide what to buy ad-wise and how much they want to pay.

Another side to programmatic software is that it is capable of analyzing user audiences. With this, the system is able to determine ad content type according to relevance for a particular group or person. For example, user behavior, location, time per visit and engagement level can all be included. What’s more, the automation involved means that human error is minimized significantly. The user is able to comfortably rely on algorithms to determine where their ad money should be spent. It’s simply a case of feeding the programmatic solution information about the campaign in addition to performance indicators.

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Eloxon is a digital company established in 2016 that specializes in programmatic advertising, online reputation management, conversion rate optimization, hosting, marketing, local and organic SEO, website design, and social media. For more information, please visit: Eloxon.com



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