Buy A Book, Save the World? The Ocean Adventure’s Personalized and Educational Storytelling Makes Children an Ocean-Saving Hero

Buy A Book, Save the World? The Ocean Adventure’s Personalized and Educational Storytelling Makes Children an Ocean-Saving Hero

MANNHEIM, BADEN-WüTTERMBERG, GERMANY - 10/10/2018 — United Letters today revealed that its latest personalized children’s story, The Ocean Adventure, would be available on October 29, 2018. The eco-friendly publisher’s latest book, aimed at the 2-7 age group, follows on from the publisher’s debut, the well-received Tree of Life.

The book, the first of many planned titles in the One Little Earth series is personalized so that the child receiving the book becomes the main protagonist. It takes readers on a magical journey to the ocean, where they work with the inhabitants of the sea to solve the serious problem of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. For the sea creatures, it’s a matter of life and death: their homes in the corals are in grave danger.

The launch follows the recent World Cleanup Day, a day on which volunteers worldwide pledge to clean up their areas for a better, cleaner future. The book’s theme mirrors this, showing children what they can do to preserve and save the richness and abundance found in the world’s oceans.

The Ocean Adventure’s focus on the ocean environment is echoed not just in the personalized marine tale, but also in the materials it is crafted from. Gorgeous watercolor illustrations bring the exciting tale to life, while the hardcover book is made of sustainable, non-toxic materials.

“We wanted to inspire kids and teach them about the world’s oceans, and the problems they face – with personalization, they’re right in the middle of a playful and engaging story that sparks their curiosity and further learning,” said Johanna Lehman, founder of United Letters.

“With The Ocean Adventure, we really wanted to highlight the ecological issue that’s happening in the world’s oceans – such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – and potentially inspire children and their parents to do more to combat it. For every copy of this book sold, a part of the proceeds will go to the Coral Reef Foundation, who work tirelessly to restore coral reefs and preserve this important natural habitat.”

The “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” is the name given to 80,000 tons of waste and detritus, much of it plastic, found in the Pacific between California and Hawaii. More than just an eyesore, the microplastics found in the waste are often eaten by marine wildlife, while larger pieces can cause injury – and even death.

While efforts are being made today by environmentalists and marine experts to start cleaning the patch, the continued worldwide use of single-use plastics exacerbates the issue – making this an issue for tomorrow, not just today.

“These children are tomorrow’s leaders – and inspiring them today can make a huge difference in how we as humans tackle the stewardship of a home we all share,” added Christina Snuggs, United Letters’ illustrator.

“There is very little material in the early education market targeting this globally-important subject – and The Ocean Adventure aims to change that by teaching young children about the ecological issue, and how it can be fixed.”

The Ocean Adventure is available from October 29, 2018. For more information about The Ocean Adventure and United Letters, please visit For all general and media inquiries, please contact Christina Snuggs at +1 617-860-7788 or

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United Letters was established in 2016 in Germany by Johanna Lehmann and Christina Snuggs and has since expanded to the United States. The publisher creates vividly-illustrated personalized books that teach children about issues today through inspirational and magical storytelling that opens a gateway to creative, early education between parents and their children. For more information about The Ocean Adventure and United Letters, please visit the website.

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