Blockchain is rapidly changing the history of the market with ITC.TAXI!

Blockchain is rapidly changing the history of the market with ITC.TAXI!

CYPRUS - 11/18/2018 — In October 2018, the ITC.TAXI application was launched and tested. The project is focused on drivers and passengers who appreciate comfort, safety and "negotiable rates". The launch of ICO is scheduled for November 19 at a price of $ 2.4 per ITC token. From November 25, everyone will be able to purchase ITC tokens on Asian TEX The commercial launch of the project is scheduled for the first half of 2019, with further access to new international exchanges. 

Modern life is impossible without a taxi, so there is a strong influx of users of this service. To succeed in the taxi market, the project has to have an idea, to solve problems and has to have potential growth. ITC.TAXI startup - is a personification of the harmonious and strategically-designed project that can make a better difference at the taxi market.  Lucky drivers and passengers who have already experienced the benefits of the app, indicate that ITC.TAXI is a new trend at the taxi market and ITC.TAXI satisfies any wishes. 

This service provides luxury cars at the lowest rates. Ease of use of the app, service speed and affordable prices ensure the high attractiveness of ITC.TAXI startup. The platform allows drivers and passengers to choose the service cost by themselves while solving any transport requests.

“The service can both provide you with a luxury off-roader for a small additional charge, or provide the cheapest market's rate. The combination of all segments will be achieved by transferring the possibility of choosing the rate to the client and driver, creating an open flexible platform that will ensure the natural balance between supply and demand at the market”, the company representatives said.

The investment attractiveness of a startup is related to the fact that ITC.TAXI is a project of a new improved taxi that is in demand in both large and small cities. Such a reliable business model will provide investors with tangible profits at minimal risks.

Users of the application are granted with nice bonuses in the form of bonus kilometers with the ability to exchange them for ITC tokens or pay the driver for the trip.

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Company Name: ITC Taxi Company LTD
Full Name: Lyubov Egupova
Phone: +79855231557
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