An All-Natural Solution for Diabetes Wellbeing

An All-Natural Solution for Diabetes Wellbeing

United States, California, San Diego - 08/02/2019 — Dr. John Burd’s new book explores diabetes and effective, all-natural solutions to improve the health of people with diabetes.


There is a worldwide epidemic of obesity and diabetes around the world.  Given the Americans’ historical acceptance of high-carbohydrate, high-sugar diet, as well as the acceptance High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) to be used as a safe food additive – the high number of people with diabetes should not come as a surprise. 


Thanks to the Food Industry lobby, the Big Pharma lobby, the Government and the Medical Establishment, we have a national epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and patients who remain sick while hooked on prescription drugs that treat symptoms and not the cause of disease. 


This epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes affecting adults and children is being referred to as “pandemic” and compared to the Black Plague of the Middle Ages.


The book launched by John Burd, the founder, and CEO of Lysulin, Inc, is actively focusing on the topic of all-natural solutions for people with diabetes. The title of the book says a lot about its content as well. The book is called, In Search of Natural Support for Diabetes Wellbeing; The Discovery of Lysulin. It does not just explore the methods in improving diabetes and/or diabetic complications but also the causes of it and how exactly how and why glucose is toxic to our body. 


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A couple of lines from the beginning of the book states: “In large part, this [diabetes] is because the fructose used as a sweetener from HFCS is not metabolised like glucose. Glucose requires insulin to enter our cells to produce the energy we need for everyday living. When glucose goes to the liver, the liver stores glucose as glycogen for use when blood sugar levels are low. 


The glycogen stored in our liver is limited, so when the liver has sufficient glycogen stores, glucose is used to make fat, also a potential energy source.” Moreover, Dr Burd also focuses on another one of America’s health issues, which is obesity. In his book, he cites “fructose” and HFCS to be the leading cause of it, with detailed explanations. 


Dr. Burd is the CEO of Lysulin, Inc, which has been responsible for launching an all-natural and scientifically proven product to improve the health of people with diabetes. He has also served as the Founder and CEO of DexCom, which is now the leader in continuous glucose monitoring for people with diabetes. Dr. Burd also has over 50 publications, as well as holding 35 patents. Dr.Burd received the Ullman Prize for innovation in clinical chemistry and was elected to the American Association of Clinical sChemistry Hall of Fame.


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