Releases New Simulators to Enhance Mafia Game Releases New Simulators to Enhance Mafia Game

3/15/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- The American Mafia Game, released in 2004, has added multiple new simulators, such as a stock market and a map system, to enhance game play.

American Mafia is an online, multiplayer, text-based mafia game that enables players to immerse themselves in a mafia online world. Players interact in a competitive world full of dangers, drama and virtual murderous plots.

The game has added a stock market simulator, where players can trade real stocks using in-game money. The feature is free to use, and it aims to educate players on the stock market and acquire skills for stock trading in real life.

Also new to the mafia game is a map system, where a player can take over states and expand their game influence across the country. Players can steal state flags, capture states or destroy the ownership of a state. Mafia Families can compete over areas of influence, and when a family takes over a state, their family colors will appear.
There is also a new political election simulator. Players can run for office for one of the following positions: State Cardinal, State Governor, and President of the United States of America. Also new is a History tab, which allows players to educate themselves on mafia families and famous gangsters in the U.S. Players with an interest in history will find this riveting.

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